Why Fight It?

There has never been a time when managing your CVOR was more important. The consequences of points against your record means increased operating expenses in the form of insurance not to mention, increased enforcement.

If you’re a professional driver, your licence is your ability to work. No reputable company can afford to hire drivers who don’t possess a clean licence and CVOR.

TBM can serve as your agents in court for any Traffic Offence, whether personal or in a comercial vehicle.

We’re not like the others, we don’t claim to win every time or work free. What we do promise to provide is professional representation upon review of the facts.

In the short term you may not save a lot of money based on the cost of representation. In the long run however, we guarantee you will save points and that will ultimately mean saving money.

We are experienced in all the following areas:

  • Highway Traffic Act
  • Truck Transportation Act
  • Dangerous Goods Transportation Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Fuel Tax Act
  • Motor Vehicle Transportation Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • Canada Labour Code
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Public Vehicles Act
  • Public Commercial Vehicles Act
  • Out of Province Jurisdictions

Small Claims Court Representation

Don’t let yourself be taken for hard earned freight charges or outstanding accounts. TBM can represent your interests in all small claims court matters. Call for a free initial consultation.