The decision whether or not to outsource your safety and compliance functions can be tough. If you hire someone full time does the job really justify the cost without applying non-safety related functions? Can you find experienced people that can handle the job, your staff, and be able to keep in mind that the trucks still have to move?

At TBM we believe a well managed safety program, once set up, is easy to maintain. It’s all about starting properly. If you require professional service or would like a little help for your in house safety department, give us a call. We can assist you in any of these areas;
  • Preliminary Audits for MTO or US DOT
  • Show Cause Hearings and Interviews
  • Compliance / Loss Prevention Assessments
  • Drivers Manuals, Policy Development (ISO)
  • Accident Investigations and Claims Management
  • CVOR / US Carrier Profile Analysis and Management
  • Driver Qualifying and Screening
  • Certified Road Testing
  • On Road Driver Evaluations
  • WSIB Claims Management